Data Recovery Services

You may have a thumb drive, or an internal, or an external storage drive where important data is not accessible. You may see messages such as “e:/ drive is not accessible” or “you must format this drive before you can use”.  This is not an easy process to try to recover data from an inaccessible device, as you can imagine. However, we have had success in this area. It takes time and it may not be able to recover 100% of the data but we have recovered 97% of the data for some and 69% of the data for others. We throw our data recovery nest and grab the amount of data that is recoverable. Sometimes, clients spend years working and saving data to their computer. When the computer breaks down, the technician advises that the only way to repair the computer is to re-install the operating system (OS) on a new storage drive because the main storage drive where the OS and your data reside, is inaccessible. Then all of that data that they’ve been saving for years is now inaccessible. This is an example where you would need the data recovery service, if you want us to attempt to recover as much data as possible from this inaccessible storage drive.

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